Thursday, July 20, 2006

RENdom independence photos of the day

do you know what the 20th of july is?
yep, it's colombian independence day. saw the independence day parade here in bogotá. here are some photos of the red yellow and blue.
did you know that in colombia, on the day before independence day, at 6 pm,you can no longer by liquor anywhere. not at bars, not at liquor stores, not at grocery stores. can you believe that??!?!?!
i mean, it's colombia of all places!!
yep, it's dry until 11 pm the next day. so that's 29 hours of dry colombia. you would think that of all places that would party during their independence, it would be colombia. but no. crazy but true.
anyway, i'll be in the hills of coffee country for awhile, in salento, just in between bogotá and meddelín. so i'll be updating my travels sometime next week. in the meantime, enjoy the photos, stay safe, and may the force be with you.


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