Tuesday, July 18, 2006

RENdom first photos of colombia

here are the first few pictures of bogotá colombia. here's the sunday flea market just down the hill from our hostel.

view of bogotá after climbing up to a church at the top of the hill. bogotá is the 8th largest city in south am, and just seems to keep going and going and going.

the cathedral, a bike, and a bunch of pigeons.

colonial architecture photo of the architecure thingys.

went to the fernando botero museum. this guy paints everything fat. i'm not kidding, and i don't know why. all the women, men, guerillas, presidents, horses, fruit, everything, you name it, he paints them as obese characters. i don't know why. maybe he's really skinny and has got an obsession of things opposite of him.

we have wonder bread, they have bread for bimbo's.

ever have the problem of trying to figure what pasta to cook with which wine. now your problem's are solved where you get red wine, white wine, and linguine in one handy package.

and uncle sam is popular here, according to this recruiting stencil.

transmitting, sort of live
bogotá, colombia


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