Wednesday, July 12, 2006

global transmission in transition

on my way to buenos aires right now, waiting for my connection in beautiful bush international airport in houston, texas. flight to buenos aires is delayed by 2 hours, so i plugged in my computer since there's wi-fi here, and now i'm typing this.
well global transmission is all about bringing the world as we travel it to the viewers at home, so let me tell you what exotic things i see.............hmmm, let's see.
lots of people eating potato chips.
environment is a comfortable air conditioned 71 degrees fahrenheit.
stores with lots of lights.
family waiting for their flight to buenos aires as well......their kids are out of control....mental note : gonna need to put ritalin in their bag of lays.
airport is a sterile looking environment. lots of texans here with texas accents. go figure.
i wonder if anyone notices my 'disobey' sticker on my computer with bushes face on it. (((click here to see what i'm talking about))) this is after all booooosh country.
so as you can see for yourself, lots and lots is happening here in the first field report in houston (phonetically pronounced you-stun). i'll continue taking notes and will report what else i see here before heading to buenos aires and colombia. obviously there are many potential stories to write about here. like the three tv sets right next to each other that's making me trip.
left tv set: baseball show with don mattingly and some old guy
middle tv set: cnn reporter who looks like chevy chase. man his career has tapered off.
right tv set: car commercial, guy hugging his kids. wife drives away. obviously, this makes me want to go buy a ford suv like the commercial shows. their marketing ploy has worked.
.......god, is my flight ready yet.........titas signing off.


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