Wednesday, July 12, 2006

RENdom photo of the day + then some

well folks, after a brief pitstop back home in san francisco for a month, i'm off again to travel the world. it's hard work, but someone has to do really, i'm being times it can be tough.
anyway, today i fly into buenos aires for a couple days, then i get onto a plane hungover on saturday morning off to bogota, colombia. will spend a month there and in cartegena, relaxing and finishing writing up the guidebook for explore travel guides, the buenos aires edition. (((click mouse here))) after that i rendezvous with the rest of the global transmission (((click mouse here))) putos in buenos aires. we got a place in the wonderful barrio of san telmo for a month, and from what the pictures look like, it looks pretty damn dope. which when mixed with the globtrans crew translates into peligroso. but all seriousness aside, we'll be down there to do some serious work. we've got a bunch of ideas floating around for projects to shoot in buenos aires - check out the production section of our website. i'm hoping to keep up the RENdom photo of the day, since judging by the 0 (zero - cero - nada) comments i've received, it's obviously really popular. however, with internet spotty in some parts, and about as fast as snail mail, that might be an aggresive task.
but before i take off, todays RENdom photo of the day is dedicated to the city by the bay, my away from home, home, san francisco.

love parade,
san francisco, california

oh and as a bonus shot. this is che pelotas, our undercover agent in buenos aires. of course now that i revealed his true identity, he will chameleon-ize into another completely looking different personality. he's very slick, so what you see in this photo is not who you will see the next time you see him. if you think you see him, don't approach him. he's very, very, very dangerous.


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