Friday, July 14, 2006

RENdom photo of the day from Buenos Aires AR

well, i'm back in buenos aires. below is the photo of the day, nighttime in buenos aires.
after a 3 hour delay in houston, and a crowded redeye flight, i'm here in palermo for a couple nights. (thanks renee for letting me crash in your place - she's a fantastic tango dancer in san diego and you can learn more about her (((here)))

so not much has changed here in buenos aires.
just a bit colder. it is winter down here after all.
it's actually a nice change, since i've been here previouslywhen it's been unbearably hot - 35 degrees celsius (about 104 F).
the trees are without leaves, and the gray color outside reminds me of new york.
i like it here this way. but other than that nothing much has changed.
portenos still talk with hand gestures.
there still attentive and very engaging in conversations.
traffic is still bad in the city.
dinner still doesn't start till 8, 9 or 10 pm.
there's still broken sidewalks and dogshit in the streets.
and yes, the women are still very, very, very beautiful here.
here are links to my past buenos aires blogs from earlier in the trip, the good and the bad : (((dec05))), (((jan06))) and you can see some phtotos here (((feb06)))

i caught a cab today and spoke spanish with the driver.
forgot how fast they speak out here, and how strong there accent is.
was able to communicate though, and the driver said i spoke pretty well which i took as a compliment.
afterwards i had a big headache from trying to think in spanish.

so here i am. will be here for 2 more days, then fly off to bogota on saturday.
come back on august 15th for another month in buenos aires, global transmission style.
and everything will be subject to filming.

avenida 9 de julio
buenos aires, argentina


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