Thursday, June 19, 2008

On the road aching

I hate airports. All two dozen of them that I've had the distinguished misfortune to visit. The brazen employees, rushed businesspeople and Suburban Mall aesthetics of the typical American airplane-depot are all the worst things, condensed. Trains are so civil; you just step onboard and away you go. None of the hassles associated with flying, like taking off your shoes. How revolutionary! And you can bring your damn toothpaste too. So after twelve calming hours on an Amtrak train, Cascade Mountain scenery, and a few days with friends, I brace myself for a cross-country flight. But I do enjoy flying. Here's a photo taken using one TurboProp plane and one point-and-shoot camera. This shot was helped by the fact that only two people filled the 3-seat-wide jet. Mount Hood is in the distance, with a light snow grabbing the logged areas in the foreground. Next stop, rural Pennsylvania.


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