Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Morocco Revisited

This post is 2 months in the making.....well no, not really...but I just received some great photos from my friend Pamelas who I met in Marrakech. These are photos of the traditional Moroccan custom of buying rugs. Buying rugs can be an all day event as you'll see in these photos....The amazing thing, is that this dude Mohammed, remembered me from shopping there a year before. He gave me such a big hug that I thought he was trying to give me a wraparound.
I don't think this store has a website, but if it did, this photo would be on the opening page. Everyone looks so overbearingly uncomfortable.
And it would be one of those old cerca 1996 webpages with lots of blinking action and extra-crappy dual-color graphic presentations. The headline of the page would say 'Many Happy Touristical Memaries! Shopping Carpets Marrakech for Your Big Vacations Funs! Also Touring Guides for All Touristaical Highlights of Deserts and Adventours! Best Pricing! As recomendid by Lonely Planit and the Rough Guys' It would make no sense, but that's what the actual signs in English, would say in Morocco.
There is no acting done in this photo....we were seriously exhausted after about 3 hours in the rug store of doing 'many happy touristical shopping mamories with big funs'
this is a poster on one of the juice stands in Marrakech that we drank from. I'm pretty sure I'm banned from entering Morocco again....or possibly any Muslim country.....I might also be banned from returning to San Francisco by the Politically Incorrect Brigade...and definitely banned in Berkeley, but it be pretty neat to have a protest march dedicated to me. (btw, I mean no offense by this photo. It was just to hard to resist, and the juice guy thought it was funny)
speaking of happy touristicial menmorys, Dónde está Che Pelotas?

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At 6:28 PM, Blogger andrew said...

you two look like such happy rug-buyers. do morocco a favor and import the drive-thru, will you?


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