Monday, July 21, 2008

Jolly Old England

I've temporarily left Spain and have headed up to Northern Europe, first stopping in London (the weather sucks) catching up with old friends. It's a different change of pace, lifestyle and scenery (the weather sucks). I've taken in some cultural gems such as the Tate Modern Gallery (the weather sucks), walking along the Thames (the weather sucks), visiting Borough Market (the weather sucks), Hyde Park (no sunny Sunday walk in the park, the weather sucks) and so forth.
truffles for sale at Borough Market
sunflowers for sale.....
and chilling in a vase at home
Have also caught a couple music shows in central London (the weather doesn't suck too bad when indoors), and many pints crawling from pub to pub (the weather especially sucks after leaving the warm indoors).
a rare blue sky spotting
a bicycle sitting in the warm summer sun with the Thames and St. Pauls Cathedral in the background
The one thing I've been having trouble with though (besides the crappy weather), has been the crappy dollar exchange rate. London is expensive (and guess what the weather is like), and with the dollar being worth half a British pound, expenses are tight. But thankfully I've got friends to stay with which helps things a lot (the weather's not so bad, I haven't gotten frostbite yet).

If he was English, he'd be knighted by now, Dónde está Che Pelotas?

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