Monday, October 23, 2006

How the United States is Perceived Outside the USA

Just about every day there is a story in a South American newspaper on how the United States is trying to manipulate one of the countries in the region. Today I read about 100,000 acres of land that George Bush is supposedly trying to buy in Paraguay. Speculation is that he is trying to take control of the Guarani Aquifer, one of the largest underground water reservers.

Before I came to Bolivia I read many articles about the president of Bolivia accusing many Americans in his country of being undercover C.I.A. agents. Great! And with a rich history of backing bloody coups, many against democratically elected governments, if not outright invading, I don't think Evo Morales is too far off base.

It's sad so many in the world see Americans in this way. I have visited over twenty countries since 9/11 and it is the same from Europe to Asia to Africa to South America. People around the world believe the U.S. will take what it wants, when it wants, by force without any concern for local citizens. I am constantly asked why our country is doing what it is doing and constantly asked how my fellow citizens elected George Bush for a second term.

It's sad.

This is not a reference to a baseball team

"Someone is using you Bolivia U.S.A."

A local told me that this is where C.I.A. agents hang out. Then he called them 'rednecks.'

And here is a photo of an obvious C.I.A. agent sketching Santa Cruz's main plaza


At 2:02 AM, Blogger ::rentastic:: said...

i agree with you whole heartedly comrade. our current government is no doubt crapping on the world.
but let's also remember that there are a lot of bad, bad governments out there. in fact, people in other countries are in a situation a lot worse. people are suppressed of their rights, and many are just struggling to survive.
the united states is at the forefront of world politics (and everything else)since it's the world's only superpower (here comes china on the outside lane....). the country itself is a media giant whose media outlets from news to entertainment dominates the world. but unfortunately, instead of using this power for the greater good, the u.s. uses its power to sustain power, through fear, lies, and propaganda. it's greed, which if you look back in time throughout history, is what all empires become. great empires start from revolutionary ideals in the very begining, with idealistic, and moral beliefs until it becomes too big and eventually eats itself up to sustain its position. happened with the roman empire up to the british empire. history repeats itself.
but rather than get into political discourse, if anything i've learned from travel is that, pretty much all governments are full of lies and deceit.

and that what is most important is when meeting people from different countries, don't dislike the country based on the individual.
like or dislike the individual for who they are, not where they are from.

and by the way, regarding that last photo - we're gonna get that sucka if it's the last thing interpol ever does.


At 7:18 AM, Blogger tturner said...

Che Pelotas needs a corte de pelo.


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