Tuesday, August 01, 2006


i've finally left medillín and it's fabled nightlife for the carribean coast of cartagena. but not before doing two important things. seeing my first colombian futból match, and spiraling out of the sky paragliding. i took photos of the game guerilla style (since i was sitting in the fanatico section, my camera could be a hot property). but sometimes guerilla is what needs to be done for global transmission. for paragliding i videotaped the entire eye in the sky process, but have no photos to post. incredible feeling though, like being a bird.
mira mira. here are photos of the game. it was atleticó nacional (home team in green from medillín) vs. the cadras putas. great game where nacional scored 3 goals (right in front of the fanatico section) in the second half after trailing 1-0. fanatico section is wild, drumming, singing, chanting the entire game. flags flying, weed in the air, and don't you dare wear anything other than green or white (one gringo got called out and had to change his shirt).

shot of nacional before the start.

fans sitting on fences, standing on rails, hanging from bleachers. this is all ok here in colombia.

game in action.

the crowd after the third goooooaaaaaalllllllllll!!!!

anyway, down here in the colonial village of cartagena after my first overnight bus ride in colombia. amazingly enough, the bus wasn't stopped to be checked by police which is the norm. the police presence in colombia is pretty vast. at first it can be intimidating watching so many guys in camis walking around with machine guns. but it actually makes you feel safer, and a couple of the police that we've spoken to have been really nice. go figure, n.w.a. might have never written that song if they lived down here. r.i.p. eazy-e.


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