Thursday, September 20, 2007

RENdom Photo of the Day

I have just flown down to Southern California to visit my nephews. While waiting for take off, a Paris Hilton wannabe sitting behind me, blabberedon her cell phone. I noticed the conversation consisted of the same words over and over again. Since I've been back, I've noticed the 5 words most commonly used by Americans:
1. Like -this word can be used as an adjective, adverb, verb, noun, infinitive, pronoun, gerund, etc. It is easily the most common used word in America. I've heard entire sentences consisting of this one word.
2. Whatever - usually used to express impassiveness, disdain, or nonchalance. It's a common response in everyday normal conversations.
3. Fuck(ing)- or any derivative of the word. It is usually used as an adverb in the gerund form to express a higher level of grandeur. Similar to the word 'very', but much more commonly used. Also as a question of disdain, such as what the fuck?
4. Ummm, ummm or uhhhh, uhhhh - I've heard people saying this to themselves with no one else around.
5. Like like like - not to be confused with Item 1. It's used when excited as a build-up to an intellectual verbal masterpiece, or when stumbling for words, which is quite common in the states.
Uncle Ham on July 4th celebrating our country's freedom from British Oppression
like like like, ummmm, like fucking whatever, Dónde está Ché Pelotas?

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